When I was Young

Once when I was young, 

I used to be scolded by my parents & teachers, 

As my fingers cease to create magic on blank papers, 

My unfriendly pen’s writing appeared like ugly creatures. 


Once when I was young, 

I used to draw mirror images of alphabets, 

Letters were my enemy, except O & I, my fingers’ pets,

I could seldom write clean, without any regrets. 


Once when I was young, 

I never liked the concept of spelling and dictation, 

I struggled with phono – graphics and diction, 

Memorising peculiarly, my tongue tasted friction. 


Once when I was young, 

I loved the people around me, I cared and trusted, 

To fit into their boxes of Perfection, I adjusted, 

Unaware me, those smiles were greased with greed and hugs, lusted. 


Now that I have grown up,

I noticed my books that have put on the cloak to be my diary, 

The pen that betrayed me then, still stands aside, my only confidant dearie, 

My foes then are my friends forever now, they all blend smoothly to be my poetry.


Reshma Kausar Mohideen ( M.Com / B.ed) is a commerce professor. She loves to play with flavours in the kitchen and words in the books, she is an aspiring writer who is wishful to explore the amazing world of authors and strives hard to amaze her readers with her stupendous write-ups.