Unending Ends

You moved on, 

I stayed. 

Hidden behind shades, 

Lay the remains of, 

The laughter that once echoed, 

Smiles that were shared,

Tears shed,

 A beautiful lie was there. 


Now a haunted look states, 

The fragility of my state. 

A thousand pieces scattered,

All around my bed, 

And a memory of many graces my mind, 

Of a time we shared when, 

Even the stars seemed dull,

Compared to your smile. 

And a humourless laugh,

Bubbles its way through,

Cause I wasted my time, 

Thinking the worst of you. 


And now you lay, 

6 feet under, a headstone with your name, 

Reminded me of numbers,

Where I took circles, 

Around our ship, 

Which soon sank, 

Without a flip.

Suryansa Misra is a 14-year-old aspiring writer. She loves reading books and listening to music. And she loves to write.