Then Vs Now

In the midst of tranquil silence and heavenly Calm,

The world was created full of Charm.


From the comely sky to the mellifluous Birds,

To the opulent greenery which could be described in no better Words.


From the dulcet streams to the exquisite Constellations,

Truly, it was a time full of extravagant Celebrations.


Everything was a wonder to be Appreciated,

But alas this destruction was not to be expected.


Earlier there was an abundance of Values,

Now there is a dearth of Virtues.


We caused chaos and disrupted the Harmony,

As always, greed is accompanied by Agony,


We have been initiators of our own Destruction,

By letting go of values to reach a higher position.


Merciless killing of trees and Mammals,

By renouncing angelic Morals.


Women and children suffer inhuman Treatment,

We should resort to more action than just empty Sentiment.


Jewels like honesty, kindness, and Charity,

Will help us to bring back our Humanity.


This change should come from our Soul,

To bring the damage under control.


We should change detrimental Habits,

To transform evil into merit.


The beacon of hope would be too powerful to Ignore,

As it’s time we demanded less and did More.