A Letter To A Sister

Dear sister, 

There have been lots of moments during which I have absolutely despised you, I used to often wish you were never here with me, I felt miserable having to share everything with you, it was like I didn’t have a life of my own. It was always the same- share my things, share the attention, you were always there. It used to really bother me to be compared with you, you were the extremely smart, older sister and I was just a child who wasn’t very good with academics. Things weren’t the best back then but as much as I disliked you for the most part of it, you were still a source of inspiration to me and that holds true to this date- you were and still are my role model. You showed me so many things, I wouldn’t have been able to find any of my interests if it weren’t for you, I have discovered who I am because of you. 


I remember all of our awful memories. It makes me grateful to think of those horrid moments when we fought- although I regret fighting with you, it’s actually those moments that built our wonderful friendship. Everything we’ve been through together has brought us closer than ever. We always make up because no matter what, we love each other and we really cannot say mad at each other. We know each other’s secrets and trust each other so much, we even lie for each other, it’s so wonderful how we might fight and argue but still trust each other.


I want you to know that I forgive you for everything you’ve done. You might never believe me but I promise, I forgive you for bullying me for years, for yelling at me, and for treating me badly. You were just a child back then, you did what any other sibling would’ve done. There can never be a “best sister” label, after all the title is subjective, not objective. Everyone has their flaws and everyone is imperfect, there can never be an exception when it comes to sibling rivalries. The point being, you might not be a perfect sister but you’re the best sister I could ever wish for. You mean the whole world to me, and you’ve been there for me when I couldn’t depend on our parents. You mean so much to me, you’re my best friend, you’re someone I can tell all my secrets to, you’re someone who’s always there for me, you’re someone I can depend on for anything but most importantly you’re my sister.


In time, you’ll soon be off to college, we’ll probably not have time to talk to each other but what matters most is that I’ll still love you and you’ll still love me. Our friendship is like no other I have ever had, it’s very special to me and I treasure it with all my heart. You must know that I will always be there for you and support you through all your hardships. I often think of all the lovely memories we’ll create as we grow older, the beautiful future we’ll share, with all the wonderful things we imagined over the years, a delightful career, and a loving family. Of course, none of that might ever happen but I can only hope for the best. But no matter what the future holds for us, I am not worried because I know we’ll always stick together and that is relief enough. 


Yours truly,



Author’s Profile: Bhumika is an optimistic student with great interests in science and psychology, she aspires to become an inspiring person and has great hopes for her future.