The Appeal of Being Forgotten

Senseless thoughts roam in my head,

Crashing together like waves on a beach,

Colliding and then receding into the back of my mind,

Dragging their meaning with them.


They overwhelm me,

Making me stand still in this ever rushing world,

They hold a mirror up to show me my fears,

Of uncertainty, of being forgotten, of an end.


We’re nothing but tiny dust in the grand scheme of things,

With tiny beautiful lives,

Each one a raindrop falling from the sky,

Ending as quickly as the water hits the ground.


An existence defined by the insignificance,

An inevitable stop to all things,

This made everything seem bleak,

This gave me the indifference one possesses when everything seems futile.


But I’ve since learned to find comfort in these thoughts,

For it is true that I’ll be forgotten,  

But don’t the droplets together form the vast ocean?

So now it gives me a sense of togetherness, of being a part of something bigger.


Having an end doesn’t bother me now,

Because I know that’s what makes our tiny lives beautiful,

And what does it matter that we are all specks of dust on Earth,

When does love make us the center of someone else’s world?