Technology and our lifestyle

Technology and our lifestyle are both connected and we cannot imagine our life without technology as it has now become a very much part of our lives and became an extension of ourselves as it helps us to utilize our existing ability and capability with more efficiency and also enhance it and now it’s impossible to imagine our lives without it. It let us connects with the world globally and its usage has been increased a lot during the lockdown as technology has become essential because of various limitations that were imposed on us because of the situation now children’s online classes are going on and all office staff are doing work sitting in a home with the help of computers (Work from Home). The world is entering into a new global digital era and an increasing number of things are becoming digital and online like – school classes, office work, marketing, contacting each other as now people are unable to come out of their houses. Technology increasing application is very much helpful for us as it is creating a lot of opportunities for everyone who use it rightly. Technology was an essential tool for human civilization from the beginning only, because of its capability and applications that it offers us and enhance our capabilities and help us to increase our quality of survival. Technology is not only meant by laptops or computers but they range from various simple tools like: – fire and stone tools invented by our ancestors in the stone age which serves very simple yet very important applications to men like:- cooking food and protecting themselves from wild animals and helps in hunting also and they are also very important milestones that humanity can set in that time and the invention of the wheel is also a turning point In the technological evolution that humanity ever made which transformed the transport system and helped in the merging of nations and cultures in the world and also helped to make the trade flourish to modern aged sophisticated technologies like: – cars and computers which can have various applications ranging from simple calculations to watching videos hearing music, doing class. Today supercomputers are considered as the most sophisticated form of technology that helps scientists do research and are used by various space research organisations for space exploration and are used for various other different purposes also. Technology is rapidly growing and its usage and applications are also increasing but its increasing usage and place in our daily life if not used properly can create various problems also, like in the following years as online marketing and transactions increased risk of cybercrime and risk of fraud cases also increased and various other people use internet for illegal activities like export of weapons, etc. and in the lockdown as usage of laptop and mobile increased for student and people who are doing work from home are getting various health problems like- headache, eye strain, sleep disorder and neck, and shoulder bone pain so technology have both aspects which are good and bad it depends on us to how to use this if it is used properly then it can be a great possibility and opportunities for everyone and we can learn various new skills and enhance the pre – existing ones and utilize them for the betterment of ourselves and all and if used wrongly it can also create havoc as it is the most potent thing and that which is the most potent is also the most dangerous thing so technology is like a double edged sword 

It has both aspects good and bad so the future of humanity is dependent on how we use technology as it is changing us rapidly and also developing rapidly so we should not fight in ourselves but think about how to use it properly so that humanity may grow into such peaks that were never possible and do not lead into its destruction

Past and future of technology 

Past of technology is a very interesting subject and is very large also there are some quite impressive milestones also which are very important and the point of technology that which we have arrived today Is not just the consequence of anyone invention or technology but there is a series of events and milestones in the making of the modern world which started from the invention of fire and stone weapons is the first and foremost technology made by humans which is a great milestone in the history of humanity and another remarkable one is the invention of the wheel and stream engine which is the backbone of the modern transport system and the invention of telephones also helped us in connecting worldwide and the internet is the most transforming technology which connects everyone in one thread. Technology has a transforming impact on our lives and should be handled seriously.