Talons of Time

Breaking through the opposing gale,

With horizon twilight red;

She paced beside ahead of me;

A blithe spirit got laid.


I saw her once amidst the crowd,

she hid her face from mine;

I still saw her through the veil of locks,

Her eyes did sparkly shine.


The look not love but deep and dark,

Darker than the moonless night;

The look that threw my delusive mind;

Which snatched my power to fight.


I forgot all these and proceeded through,

My denuded tumultuous life;

Until today, she came again;

To ignite my soul from strife.


Her hair flew past, with scented air,

Her lips bespoke of peace;

Her eyes spoke me a thousand words;

My race of mind did cease.


And then she was gone!

Disappeared through the fog;

I still kept looking for her;

I smelt the air and felt her soul;

I freed myself from fear.


Why did she come to me only?

Was she my illusive love?

Why did I feel tranquility?

I felt the peace-white dove.


Like this, she comes to all my dreams,

I still keep waiting by;

I know I will meet her again;

I know she’ll come and fly.


She’ll come and soothe me till the end of the day,

When all are tired and done;

The talons of time will carry me;

Till we see a bright new sun.


 Upamanyu Basu is an eighteen-year-old student from West Bengal, enjoying his creative instincts through the pursuit of Acting, poetry, and essays in both English and Bengali. He has participated and won in a number of Essay-contests and also has a few of his works published in magazines and websites. An enjoyer of life, Upamanyu dreams to write more and more in the future.