She awoke to a happy milieu

She peeped out the window,

The morning sun, lively sparrow

A cool breeze and the green meadow

Soon came her thoughts, 

Her pang of guilt, her sorrows, her displeased self

Scuttling in her head.

She pushed them aside and got out the bed

She went outside 

Into the big bad world, in search for one thing

A smile, a moment of ecstasy,

Something to show it’s worth living,

She searched in the streets 

Something to make her feel

Feel, is what she wanted to do

For two years all she’s done is seal

her happiness, pleasure, elation & thrill

Baam! She felt something hit under her skirt’s frill

She needn’t bow her head down to see

As her head was always bowed down,

With guilt and superfluous thoughts

She saw a turquoise blue ball

She picked it up in her hands

And lifted her head, to see 

There came a young boy running,

From the nearby slum,

“That’s my ball! That’s my ball!” he yelled,

He came to her and stopped,

Out of breath, he was,

But he had a big & contagious smile,

He looked up at her, she looked at him

And she thought, 

How easily he lifted his head,

Like as if he didn’t have problems

His poverty, his deficiency, sorrows of his family,

All could see, but why didn’t he?

Then she saw a spark in his eyes,

What big, round, shiny eyes, she thought

No guilt, no grief, no infamy

Then she realized, innocence is what it is,

That shine, that pride that the boy carried in his eyes,

Then it hit her, she has eyes to see 

But can choose to ignore the debauched truth

From that day she chose to never bow down,

If the little boy could be happy with what he has

Then she can too

But she had to bow down for one last time,

To pick up her pride, her innocence, and her smile

And now she suggests, 

All you need, to seek fulfillment

Is apparently, take a walk

You might find something 

That shows it’s worth living.


Shiksha is a lectiophile, especially for the dark ones. She’s just 16, with thoughts of a 22-year-old. She collects her thoughts and stores it in her journal, just like her mind, it’s filled with poems, short stories, and her life. If so, you had the chance to flip the pages, you’d get all those which you hadn’t envisaged. She likes to write about real happenings.