Stars Of My Muse

“Oh, how I feel I see you, 

Among the shining stars in the night sky 

How your sharp countenance takes a shape. 

Like gazillions of other constellations twinkling through the millennium, 

Your facial constellation is the one I can call mine  

These stars have witnessed my sleepless nights, 

Carrying on my dreams with them  

looking bright, 

When I feel I don’t belong, 

These glittering hues are where my mind flies to, 

Miles and miles away  

Oh how I want to fly into the night sky 

‘Cause I believe among the stars you reside,  

My knight in shining armour, 

Waiting to sweep me off of my feet 

I want to march past these closed boundaries of four walls where my life is now, 

I want to fly, fly high, 

Over valleys, prying over the fireflies which can never out-do me  

‘Cause in my heart I know where I belong… 

With the stars, just like you do, 

My muse 

Woo me, my sweet creature, 

Dive through the night sky, break all my ties 

I don’t want  to be held down, 

Just want to fly up, with you by my side 

Build me wings, and help me fly around the sky, 

In silver rings, hands entwined…..” 


 I’m a student of Adamas International School, XII Humanities. I’m 17 years old. Growing up, I’ve always enjoyed reading various books, young novels, poetry by renowned writers and poets, which eventually led me to try and write something of my own. Apart from enjoying various aspects of English Literature, I also enjoy music and playing different tunes on my guitar.