Smile for a Smile


We look at each other,

And smile a smile,

As if we’ve found,

What the whole world,

Has been looking for.


The world is sore,

Love is the only thing,

We all are looking for.


We don’t actually bother,

We were just coming closer.


His soft hands on mine,

Makes my eyes just shine.


The rain was jealous of us,

Sent the lightning to make us rush.


The puddles were more truthful,

The stream seems to be beautiful.


He licked my face to tell me to go,

We were total, six legs walking together,

We look at each other,

And smile a smile,

As if we had found,

What the whole world is looking for.

Aparna is a 6th-grade student. She gets inspired to write from the daily life and things she loves. She enjoys writing her memories and dreams and framing them into stories and poems. She is a learner and aims to be a wise person one day, and also hopes to entertain people through her skills. Her goal in life is to be an actress.