Prohibition of falling in love

The reason is unreasonable

Even if you untangle your fingers with me while we walk

Don’t dare to hold my hand

It’s a Prohibition.


There are thousands of tales that are kept unsaid.

They are now scattered beside the trees as petals of love.

You haven’t given me any reason to treasure them

They no more hold any meaning

It’s now just a Prohibition

Even if I look at your illusionistic eyes now.

I am forbidden to fall for them.

Floating in the void every night I count,

Those moments we adore, those moments of love.

So, this reminiscence of spring with a hidden face, swollen lips, and eyeful of tears.

Even if I try to remember you,

It’s forbidden to remember you today

It’s a Prohibition

Prohibition of falling in love

Even if the reason is unreasonable.