Persuade of Love

In this peculiar world of loving for momentary happiness,

I found myself, an ‘old school lover’ was what they called me. 

Then came around this girl, who was intelligent, beautiful, and fierce.


She always asked why I kept my guard up.

If only she knew that was me in awe of being smitten by her.

There was a rhyme in each line; she spoke a laugh that stayed with you long after you heard it.


Each time she got excited about a new book she was reading,

she spoke like a little kid at a candy store. 


She could preach and manage to persuade you to stay,

“Just five minutes, please?” 


She knows who she is, but what she doesn’t know is what she meant to me. 



He is a school student and a passionate writer. Poetry for him has always been a way to express his feelings.