One Winter Eventide’s Hope

Oh foggy, endless gloaming!

Pour unto us an incessant cascade of Mercy;

For languish and wretchedness have seeped through our very souls,

Leaving no expanse for ambition.

The Opulent have played their part well,

Embossing us down with their stockinged feet,

Ensuring our schooling sinks as fast as stone in waters deep,

Smirking as they festoon our schoolroom with the posies of Tyrol.

Alas! Such is the anguished Hope we must amass and thrust out,

To ignite the fading embers of the fathomless, sooty coal;

To shine for all we are worth,

And blaze till Melancholia is on the run!

An Arts student and Bibliophile. She dabbles in poetry and prose on the side.