Once an Intrusion

It knocked at my heart, it was ever there,

I found it futile, I never cared.

But it continued to do so, and so much more,

Come rain or shine, it was always fore.


At last, I followed the path it showed,

Giving in to its adamance, I bowed.

The unfathomable lane seemed quite familiar,

The welcoming of something great ebbed out my fear.


Rectilinear as I went, the trail felt innate,

To all the successes and pride, it was the only gate.

Prescient, I learnt, I had its profound need,

Unmatched elsewhere, aroused utter greed.


It was so close, I had to seize it erst,

It was all that I wanted to quench my thirst.

So foolish with the pursuit of that resolute fashion,

I failed to realise that it was my inherent passion.


Rijul is an ardent writer and a publishing poet, with a love for writing from childhood. Her pieces vary from poems to prose, revolving majorly about teenagers and their life. She also aspires to use the vitality and impact of writing to bring forth the global afflictions of health and well-being.