Most of Us

Most of us don’t live our lives,

Rather, play witness to things happening to us.

First-hand witnesses to crimes of time.

To dreams and aspirations killed,

To relationships destroyed, to friendships broken.


Most of us live out of necessity, or for luxury,

Till luxury becomes a necessity,

Necessary to fill our hollow hearts,

To show for our shallow lives.


Most of us live in quiet desperation, Thoreau said,

He was half right.

Most of us choose to live in quiet desperation,

Choose decadent apathy over wild freedom,

Choose a privileged prison.


Only some of us live life in its barest form,

Filled with pain and passion,

With sweat and blood,

With excitement and adventure,

With self-satisfaction.


Author’s Profile- Aditya Upadhyayula is a poet and author, pursuing his dream of being a published writer between the multitudinous demands of life. Six of his articles were in various magazines. A romanticist at heart, his works advocate for individuation and celebration of human passions.