Love Yourself Again

I know that you don’t feel the same charm in the sunshine.

Your words have shifted from ‘I am great’ to just ‘fine’,

You don’t like to follow that strict diet,

Neither you throw tantrums nor fight.


Now you hardly smile.

Instead of a huge company,

Now you prefer exile.

I know you are tired to try,

Don’t want to talk but just cry.


But you will again start to enjoy,

A perfect stroke of eyeliner will give you the same joy.

Maybe now dressing up is not a great matter,

But soon you will roam in a mall to find something better.


Just remember that nothing is permanent,

Adding a pendant to your neck will give you the same confidence.

Maybe everything is going wrong,

But with time, you’ll again start listening to your favourite song 


One day, you’ll take a break from the worldly race and not become a rabbit,

Watching will again become your habit.

One day, you’ll not at all be upset,

And will call your friends over, play with your pet.


In the future, you’ll forget the present and make it your past,

Everything will be fine very fast.

Your patience and consistency will heal your pain,

Let me know when you fall in love with yourself once again.


Gurleen is very much attached to poetry writing. She finds it very easy to display her emotions through poetry and words. She believes that the best way to express emotions is through writing irrespective of the language used for the form of writing initiated by the person. She is looking for someone who can appreciate her writing and also guide her in becoming better in her hobby. In addition to writing, she is also interested in writing personal experiences and anecdotes.