Jokes, misery

When the roses were red, the thorns were sharp,

Petals like velvet.

It started pretty well,

But wasnt the best when it was said.


It felt like cupid had done its job,

But failed.

It regretted its decisions of joking around,

It felt disdained.


The moon saw it,

Clear from its way.

What an irony,

It was a full moon day.


I hope it doesnt end,

What it already has gained.

But goes on nurturing it,

With hopes of living with it one day.


Neeharika is a high school teenager aspiring to be a pilot and has the hobby of writing and cooking and has a knack for hairstyling as well. She is a trusted person by her friends and is a humble soul. She is a marvelous singer and is a woman of culture.