Homeland Without

The roads of my homeland,

Sing songs of homecoming,

Waiting for my grown footsteps,

To adorn the land of my becoming

Awakes in me, memories of days,

When the road was clear with endless ways.


Time and tide, they say,

Does wait for no one,

Looking into my old treehouse,

I see the ladder knots undone.

Redoing them, I climb my old abode,

Now home for squirrels, birds and worms in load.


Walking further into the land,

Changes adorn the walls,

Skyscrapers tower over puny roofs,

A dam in place of the falls,

The home that used to be, is not the home that is now,

Everyone is so quite still, doing usuals, I wonder how.


Homecoming was a surprise,

A past that needed a revisit,

Nostalgia is a distant subject,

Embrace the change, I elicit.

Songs of homecoming, ringing in my ears,

Coming back to land, was it worth the tears?


Footsteps slow on land,

Taking in the change,

Maybe it’s for the better,

The road below estrange,

Yet, home is home, a place to be,

Is it? Even without everything, we grew up with?


Juntecum Nawaj has a flair for poetry and has had one of her poems published in Kloud9 before. She holds a special interest in science and sketching, and poetry writing is one of her strong areas.  She currently resides in Kolkata, India and aspires to move on in all these fields.