The anger, the pain, the hurt that I feel
When I realise there are so many that aren’t as lucky as me
And as word of the desperate situation, we are in circles around
I wonder if I will again be able to tell anybody about how I feel right now

I feel happy with life, but I also feel sorrow
For those who’ve lost today and those who’ll lose tomorrow
So I want to take every single chance I get
To tell this feeling to those I love before they forget

The kind of admiration, the kind of respect
I feel when I think of them
What is this? What do I feel?
This unknown feeling describes what you mean to me

I have come from their roots, their home is mine
They are as important to me as is time
And this, this feeling it rises and lifts
For they have given me so many priceless teachings and gifts

One gave love, one taught confidence
One was always there, another was the epitome of happiness
So what is this? What do I feel?
This unknown feeling talks about what you mean to me

Such wonderful people, I am surrounded with
How could I ever thank them for all they give?
These times, this pandemic makes me think
I must tell them that in my life, you are the most distinct

What is this? What do I feel?
This unknown feeling is my thanks to those who’ve been there for me
I can’t thank you enough but know that this feeling, its true
Thank you so much, you made me feel gratitude


Author’s Profile: Kiara Welde is a 14-year-old aspiring author and dog lover. She is your average – reads while walking. You can always find her immersed in public speaking activities and sports or spending time with friends and family.