The ones who gave me my name
Are with me till today,
In happiness and strife,
My family is my life.

Our numbers ever-rising,
With a new day on the horizon,
Friends become family,
And together stay in harmony.

Here our love and ties,
Are always on the rise,
We argue and we fight,
My family is my might.

Family is not only,
Made of blood and marriage,
It’s made of those who cherish you,
and accept you, true.

Though the distance between us,
Keeps us miles apart,
No matter how far we roam,
My family is my home.


Aadya baste, is an amateur writer from Pune. She is a 9th-grade student at The Orchid School. She has sent a few articles and poems for Kloud 9. She loves to write about philosophy and nature.  She is passionate about reading, writing, and singing.