Deceptive Jugglers

A juggler bearing an amusing face

Conceals behind his bitter disgrace.

Comes to perform with several charms

Withholding his urge to embrace the warmth.

The entire world mocks at him

But he knows for what he is.


At times he wonders at the laughs and cries

Are they really praises or mere flattering signs?

Such a charming personality imparting so many colours 

But who knows his hueless heart craving for amours.

The crinkles of his laughs serve as secure folds

Upon which the spilling tears rest their souls.


He questions the person in the mirror

Anticipating the reason for him to be here.

Can laughter be such a deception,

Which can lure a beholder to imagine such an unearthly reception?

His hushed speech bespoken by his heart

Is only responded when he casts at the glass.


Krittika is a 17-year-old student of XII Humanities. She holds her interest most in English Literature, which is followed by Psychology and Economics. Apart from academics, she is fond of music and occasional sketching.