Dear Best Friend

I remember the first time we met. It has been just a few months and I can write this letter to you. This has made me realize that it is not a long term of countenance that should matter in friendship but just a few moments of honest disclosure and unconfined gesture that can do miracles. We can not deny the indifferences between ourselves but these still have strengthened the bond we share. Glancing back at the past five months, it brings to me a bundle of happiness that I would like to share here. Amongst the many ups and downs, the invisible thread of friendship holding us together has always emerged invincible. In this letter, I want you to know that you have been a possessor of an amazing bunch of qualities that set you apart from others. You, being aware of all my flaws, have accepted me as one of your close ones and have chosen me to love, apart from disclosing your honest emotions with renewed vigour. I can never thank you enough for this place you have saved for me.

My overthinking self has often caught me manifested, to wonder about my good deeds for I have been gifted an angel in person like you. We have navigated through all good and bad times together with you being the constant pillar of faith and trust who has always turned out to be the ingenious support system for me. In all those difficult, dark hours, you were the light who has kept me alive. You have acted as a pencil to me when the ink of the pen was exhausted and you were the one who redesigned the best in me and brought me back from my lowest spirits to my actual self.

You have been the same enthusiastic person from the first meeting we shared who can light up any dark room with the vibrance of grace and there is no wonder that anyone could be drawn towards you. There has not been a single moment of dullness when I am around you. Your presence, your love have turned the most imperfect situations into the best and perfect ones. All these things, which I write to you, may sound extremely cliché but now I consider you as someone more than a friend and more like a family to me.

We sailed through all the good times, with your presence around me. But where in the world can good exist without bad and complimentary without contrast? I still remember that awful time we were about to part our ways. It is said in truth that rage takes no time to destroy even the most beautiful knot tied together. Though it was pretty hard, eventually, I learnt my lesson as I understood the importance of you being near me. I realized that it was indeed all you who has shaped me into who I am today.

I admire you for being the calm and modestly distinguished person in the crowd of hundred commoners. Your way of dealing with the most crucial cases further makes you more illustrious among the others. I cannot help myself to think of my life after passing our happy school stage but the very thought of you standing by me no matter where and what happens helps me remain intact. I see tomorrow, much exuberant as I believe we will be painting the canvas of life together with the most vibrant tinges of friendship.

I further want you to know that you are not meant to settle for less and deserve the very best in life. No matter what life brings to us in the latter part, you should always be confident for you have the assurance of me having your back and you mine, always, no matter what and where. If at all we do not succeed to opt for a physical meet, we will always have a sack of memories to carry with us which will certainly help you to adhere and achieve all that your merit justifies. Together, we shall celebrate our friendship and attachment, today and until the end of time.

Yours lovingly,


Aryagni Panda writes poems and articles both on fiction and non-fiction. Her special interests lie in literature, art, photography, and wildlife. She actively participates in various public speaking contests and currently resides in Cuttack, India.