Afgan Women

With little strength, continuing, on will alone
mind more powerful than can be, deriving strength somehow.
Will to be admired, personality worth thousands
each peril worse than the other, every woman stronger together

Every day, facing grave terror
Forced to endure it all, forced to suffer
Only because they were born on this land
Tortured more and more because they’re not a lad

Afghanistan, a place that hurts the very soul
Once a bountiful land, not segregated but the whole
Where a woman was an asset,
as important as she could be

And a woman roamed her lands, happily free 
But now a jail that keeps each shackled 
Where women are sold, as the misogynists’ cackle 
And the evil roam around the destroyed place 
Blinded by their ideals of religion, gender, and race

The soul of each woman, kind and sweet
fooling those around, as they disguise
doing everything it takes, to fight
and infiltrate till they can take over.

Sweat breaking pushed to the limits,
after witnessing horrors beyond,
and being pushed into the void.
None giving up, they find their might. 
This is not just a fight for Afghanistan’s girls,
But a fierce war for every woman of this world.


Author’s Profile: Aadya Baste and Kiara Welde are best friends that share their passion for reading, dancing, and listening to songs. Kiara Welde, a previous Campus Ambassador for the Kloud9 magazine, is a 14-year-old dog-loving aspiring author. Aadya Baste, a current Campus Ambassador for the Kloud9 magazine, is a 14-year-old author and poet who loves writing about philosophy and nature.